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Absent Narratives Courses

The Humanities Center is thrilled to offer online professional development courses that provide the stories, art, music, histories that are left out of the standard curriculum, the living story of a place and people. These narratives are not absent from the lived experiences or cultural lives of students, but they are absent from the mainstream curriculum. 

Before accessing the Absent Narratives courses, there is one prerequisite course, Increase Engagement through Absent Narratives, developed to provide a foundation for incorporating Absent Narratives into the curriculum. After participants have completed this prerequisite, they will be able to choose additional courses based on their interests. Courses about African American History and Literature and American Indian History and Literature are currently being developed.

Stand-Alone Courses

Some courses do not fit under the banner of Absent Narratives and focus more on classroom skills and teaching methods.  These courses are designed to help teachers use more primary-source documents in their classrooms.  The prerequisite course is not required for these stand-alone courses. 

Technology Requirements

Participants will need to have the following computer and connection requirements: any computer with a current Windows or Macintosh operating system, a personal e-mail account and reliable internet access via telephone line (dial-up), DSL or cable.

Participants accessing online courses through a mobile device will require Flash Player 8 or higher installed, as well as a browser that works with Flash Player (Internet Explorer 7 or higher, FireFox 3 or higher, Google Chrome or Safari).

School Partnerships

The Humanities Center also partners with schools and school districts for Professional Development opportunities. When they do, the online learning center is where teachers come on their schedule to read articles, respond via message board, and interact with scholars and presenters.  For more information on School Partnerships, contact Julianne Schwietz, Program Officer, at 651-772-4246 or

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